Google Assistant+DISH

Coming soon – you’ll be able to use the Google Assistant on Google Home, Android phones and iPhones – to control your DISH TV programming. Not only does this mean you’ll have more ways to watch Hands-Free TV, but you’ll also be able to control your television experience in multiple languages, including English and Spanish.

Ask about the weather or play, pause, fast-forward, rewind and search TV content based on channel, title, actor and genre.

Examples of things you can say (and don’t forget to say, “Hey Google!”):

  • “Change channel to ESPN”
  • “Tune to channel 130”
  • “Search for Game of Thrones”
  • “Show me Tom Hanks movies”
  • “Play This is Us”
  • “Skip forward”
  • “Rewind 30 seconds”
  • “Pause”
  • “Resume