Dish Anywhere

The DISH Anywhere app isn’t just for your phone or tablet. It’s also available on media players and smart TVs because as much as we love tuning into our DISH service from mobile devices, nothing beats the 10-foot experience.

Last May, we launched our app for the first time on media players with Amazon Fire TV, and today we’re taking another big step forward by expanding DISH Anywhere to Android TVTM devices.

DISH Anywhere gives you the ability to watch 100 percent of your live and recorded content, plus thousands of on-demand titles on Internet-connected mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops, and televisions via Amazon Fire TV and now Android TV.

To get started with DISH Anywhere, download the free app for Android TV in the Google Play Store, and make sure you have one of the below DISH receivers to view your live and recorded programming. All DISH customers have access to on-demand titles.

How to watch DISH Anywhere on Android TV

DISH Anywhere can be accessed on Android TV devices, including media players like AirTV Player, Mi Box and NVIDIA Shield TV, and Sharp Aquos and Sony Bravia smart TVs. It’s also available on DISH’s EVOLVE set-back box for hotels, so customers can view their personal live and recorded DISH programming directly on their hotel room TV.

  • Hopper 3
  • Hopper with Sling
  • First-generation Hopper with Sling Adapter
  • Compatible ViP receivers with Sling Adapter