Know someone who’s ready for an upgrade? Now is the perfect time to switch to Flash Wireless with reduced pricing on select devices:

Samsung Galaxy S8

Reg. Price: $595  Now: $499  Savings: $96

Samsung Galaxy S8+

Reg. Price: $685  Now: $590  Savings: $95

Samsung Note 8

Reg.: $925  Now: $600  Savings: $325

Motorola G5 Plus

Reg.: $259  Now: $200  Savings: $59

These prices are only good while supplies last so be sure to start spreading the word today!

And don’t forget, you can earn $150 for every 3 Flash Yellow customers acquired in March and 4 points* for every Flash customer (Yellow or Green network) you acquire with a data plan of 6GB or above – family plans included!

Plus, new IBOs can get Customer Qualified with 2 Flash customers with this month’s CQ promotion!

Learn more about these awesome March bonus promotions and help your friends and family take advantage of this pricing!



*New customers only. Valid on 6 GB data plan or higher. Customers must remain active on the service for 90 days in order for the IBO to retain the bonus.