No Impact to Existing Customers, IBO Commissions or Qualifications

Effective November 28, 2017, ACN will discontinue accepting new orders for High Speed Internet service in Verizon territories. There will be no impact to existing customers, as Verizon will continue to provide service and support. Additionally, existing customers will count toward IBO qualifications and commissions for the term of the customer agreement.

Existing and Pending Orders

The Verizon fulfillment line will not be available after the evening of November 28. If the customer placed an online lead, they need to complete the sale by calling the fulfillment line prior to November 29. Any lead placed online that does not call the fulfillment line prior to November 29 will not be progressed.  If the customer has already completed the Verizon fulfillment call, the order will be installed and completed by Verizon.


ACN is actively pursuing alternative High Speed Internet service provider in those territories, and will let you know should our offering change.