What a weekend.

ACN gathered for the final International Training Event of its 25th anniversary year last weekend. Those of you who attended know just what an incredible experience it was!

Thousands of IBOs and prospects took in three days of one-of-a-kind training at the Long Beach Convention Center. The focus: #ACNnextgen, an initiative that propels ACN into 2019 and beyond. Attendees learned from top producers in ACN just how to best leverage it.

“We knew coming into Long Beach that this would be an exceptional event,” ACN President and Co-Founder Greg Provenzano said. “Something very special is going on at ACN. Any part of #ACNnextgen could be an event itself. To see it all together, it’s amazing.”

Attendees received more advanced training on ACN Compass. This new app spearheads #ACNnextgen, putting control in the palm of an IBOs hand like never before. The app can help an IBO do everything from pique interest to invite prospects to manage their teams.

ACN leaders such as Cav. Franco Lofranco, Patrick Maser, Efrain Tejada, Renata Krumer and Boris Glickstein took to the stage for training that ranged from personal development to how to find your team’s next leaders.

“You could feel an elevated energy from the very start in Long Beach,” Provenzano said. “The momentum seemed to carry and multiply by the day, trainer to trainer, and throughout the arena. It was a collective sense that 2019 will be something like we’ve never seen at ACN.”

ACN accepted donations on behalf of the Ronald McDonald House, as is tradition at International Training Events. ACN matched gifts from IBOs, employees and convention guests to the tune of a total donation of $42,215.24.

Funds will help Long Beach Ronald McDonald House provide free or low-cost lodging for families as their children receive treatment at local hospitals.

Did you miss Long Beach? Still riding high after Long Beach and can’t wait for the next International Training again? The next stop: Charlotte. Register for the event now!

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About Ronald McDonald House Long Beach

Our mission: To provide a safe, affordable home-away-from-home for families of children receiving treatment in local medical facilities. Families are stronger when they are together. This is never more important than when a child is sick or injured. During this uncertain time, the presence of a familiar face eases the strain of medical uncertainty.