Staying in touch with family, friends, school, and work is more important than ever and CSI (Customer Self Installation) offers a simple way for customers to install AT&T Internet.

CSI benefits

  • CSI is free!
  • Kit arrives as soon as next day.
  • Set up at customers convenience, takes about 30 minutes.
  • No tools or technical skills required!


Setup is simple

  1. Unpack kit.
  2. Plug gateway to a power outlet, Ethernet wall jack, & device w/color coded cables.
  3. Connect devices to the Wi-Fi network.


Need a hand?

  • See Troubleshooting Guide in CSI kit.
  • Download free SmartHome Manager App. See attached one-pager for quick reference.
  • Visit com/support.


See for the AT&T Customer Flyers for Fiber and Non-Fiber installation guides or click the links below.

➡︎ Fiber Installation Guide

➡︎ Non-Fiber Installation Guide