Recruiting, Retention and the ACN Customer

“Being a Leader is not about you. It’s about the people that are on your team

and how you can help them be successful!” ~ Susan Vobejda


Recruiting refers to the overall process of attracting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates for a specific role within an organization. We know how hard many of you work to sell the remarkable services of ACN and provide individuals the opportunity to change their lives through the power of residual and supplemental income. But, how can you get them and keep them?

One of the ways ACN encourages recruitment is through the power of meetings; whether a PBR, BOM, Super Saturday, Regional or the International training event. The power of the meeting is a stepping stone to building your team. Here are some things to keep in mind when hosting a meeting:

  • Be sure every prospect/attendee receives a copy of the Compensation Plan and that you display the Income Disclaimer Statement. The Income Disclaimer Statement should be presented for a minimum of one full minute at the front of the room in a reasonably close proximity to the speaker where it can be seen, read and understood.
  • Properly edify the Speaker; level achieved, points earned and monthly billing Do not talk about the earned income of the Speaker.
  • Don’t make promises or guarantees. This business is not easy or simple. It takes time, hard work, dedication and leadership skills to make a substantial income and our meetings shouldn’t imply otherwise.
  • All materials used at an ACN meeting must be approved prior to use. ACN has provided materials for you, if you find you need to deviate from the permitted documents, please submit for approval before (Note: only RVPs and above may submit documents outside of those approved for use).
  • Every new IBO must sign-up on their own volition. Do not enrollment on their behalf.

Key to keeping retention is being honest and forthcoming up front. No get rich quick schemes. No “easy” or “simple” claims. Just plain integrity. If you set realistic expectations, your team is more likely to set the same expectations and be there for the long haul. Having people above you and below you that support the goals of the marketing organization may enhance a successful customer acquisition process. Start your retention process while the person is still open to staying and working; not after they’ve already told you they’re leaving.

Teach your new Team Trainer how to acquire customer’s. Don’t send them out without the training and knowledge they need to successfully acquire customers. As you know, each IBO must personally acquire and conclude sales with customers to qualify for earned positions, compensation and to maintain the IBO’s position in the Compensation Plan. Also, remember, you are responsible for the validity of all customers listed on your PCL and you should review your PCL regularly to ensure that you personally acquired all listed customers. If you don’t recognize a customer, notify ACN immediately.

Some Customer Acquisition “No-No’s” to keep in mind:

  • Never, ever type the customer order. An IBO may “assist” the new customer through the process, but the customer must personally “sign” and agree to all Agreements and Terms & Conditions of the service.
  • Do not complete or submit a Customer Contract or allow one to be submitted without the the knowledge and consent of the Customer;
  • Do not submit an order for ACN Products or Services using the Business ID of another IBO without the knowledge and consent of the other IBO or the Customer – called “Stacking” and this occurs when a customer contract is attributed to an IBO who did not personally acquire the customer or participate in the sale. Stacking is prohibited by ACN and may violate consumer protection laws.
  • Do not make savings guarantees. This incorporates all manners of communication and includes, but is not limited to, all social media platforms, blogs, websites, IBO meetings (PBRs, BOMs, etc.) and all of your Favor, Help, Try scripts. Alternatives to “savings” claims: competitive prices, powerful choice and options, reasonable offers: fixed or variable.

If you treat people like they made a difference, they will. It all starts with you. ACN is built on relationship marketing where what we say and what we do speaks volumes. Jim Rohn said, “One Customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.” Be accountable for yourself; what you say, what you do and hold your organization to the same mindset.

If you have any questions about this or any of our policies, please contact the Business Ethics Department at We are here to help you.

Pro Tip: August has the most “business days” in 2017. Be sure to make them count!