You asked, and we delivered (but not really, you can go get it!). We’ve partnered with Best Buy so that you can order your device online through, and then pick it up from a nearby Best Buy store. You heard right!

But first, all the important details:

– In-store pickup ONLY available for Android devices at this time, Apple will be added in the near future

– Don’t go to Best Buy to pick up your device until you’ve received a confirmation email stating that it’s ready

– The device can be returned or exchanged at the nearest Best Buy

– Remember, Best Buy is JUST the distributor. Flash Wireless questions should go to you, the IBO, not to Best Buy. Their sales representatives out on the floor won’t know about Flash Wireless.

– Once you receive your “Ready for Pickup” email from Best Buy, head straight to the Store Pickup counter. Be sure to bring:

1. A government-issued photo ID
2. The credit card used for the purchase
3. The order number

– Best Buy will hold the device at the store for 5 days – if the device is not picked up by then, Best Buy will cancel the order and begin the refund process. 

Ready to go get your new device today? Got questions? VIEW FAQs