Best Practices for Enrolling Customers with XOOM

10 Best Practices for a Simple and Seamless Enrollment for Your Customers

  1. Direct your customers to either your ACN Personal Website or When your customers visit the XOOM Energy website, they can get everything they need to choose the right plan for their home or business. They can also read all about the benefits and pricing of various plans and get answers to their frequently asked questions.
  2. When the customers you are referring to XOOM Energy have questions about the prices and plans available, it is important that you have a basic understanding of what is being offered.
  3. Once a customer has chosen a plan, they will begin a simple enrollment process. It is helpful when they begin their enrollment, they have a copy of their current utility bill available.
  4. To ensure a successful enrollment, make sure your customer knows to carefully and accurately enter all their information, including a valid email address. The customer should never put your email address or phone number on their enrollment.
  5. Let your customers know that they will be subject to an identity verification process and must agree to all terms and conditions, as well as any additional affirmation statements depending on the specific plan and market.
  6. For some customers a credit check may be required based on market. Qualifying customers in these areas will be presented with a few options to satisfy the deposit requirement.
  7. It is very important that customers complete their own enrollment. IBOs should never enroll customers.
  8. Inform your customer that once they complete their enrollment, they will receive a Confirmation Communication that includes their confirmation number. The Confirmation Communication outlines the terms of the plan selection and what happens next.
  9. Depending on the markets you are referring customers in, they may also receive additional contract information after the enrollment. These documents include the “Contract Summary”, “Product Summary” or “Electric Facts Label”.
  10. Finally, if you are referring customers in Delaware, Illinois and Maryland there are website links available for historical pricing. As a reminder, the historical pricing is not indicative of present or future pricing.