Payment Processing is a $7.5 Trillion annual industry. ACN’s exclusive partner, Anovia Payments, is the single-source provider for everything your small business customers in the U.S. and Canada need to make payment acceptance easy and save money. In fact, Anovia guarantees they will meet or beat your customer’s current rate, or give them a $100 Visa gift card for their time!

DID YOU KNOW? In addition to Payment Processing, Anovia offers powerful products to help merchants run their businesses. (Offers vary by market)

Anovia ShopKeep: The #1 Point-of-Sale Terminal for iPad! [U.S.]

ShopKeep is a comprehensive business management tool, specifically designed for iPad. Safe and secure, its fully mobile solution set acts as a full-service register and payments terminal as well as allowing U.S. small businesses to track inventory, sales and more.

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Anovia Cash Advance: Get Working Capital for Business! [U.S.]

Whether a U.S. small business need funds for opening a new location, buying out a partner, or meeting the cash flow demands of their sales cycle, they can count on Anovia’s Cash Advance Services.

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 Anovia Insights: Harness the Power of Data [U.S.]

Data reports can help U.S. small businesses understand the factors impacting revenue, protect their online reputation, get to know their customer profile, and more.

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Anovia Virtual Gift Cards: Powered by Yiftee! [U.S.]

Virtual gift cards helped businesses grow by more than $130 billion last year. Now U.S. small businesses can offer gift cards in-store or on their own website, including options to purchase from a mobile device. Powered by Yiftee, virtual gift cards are easy to set up and maintain.

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 Anovia Mobile Pay Plus: Accept Credit Cards on the Go! [Canada

Canadian small businesses can process credit and debit cards on the go with a fast, safe and portable point-of-sale system from Beanstream Mobile Plus.

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Connect your small business customers in the U.S. and Canada with an Anovia agent today and help them take advantage of these and other Merchant Service offerings!

And make sure you take advantage of the Anovia Double Points promotion before it expires October 31!


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