Vivint BOGO Car Guard and 2 free months of monitoring

From September 10 to September 17, when your customer buys one camera, they will get Vivint Car Guard ($250 value) for FREE and 2 FREE months of monitoring*!

The all-inclusive Smart Home App will help your customer monitor home security and vehicle security while providing tamper alerts,location tracking and diagnostics. 

And, if your customer purchases an Outdoor Camera Pro, it is integrated with Car Guard and provides even more protection with light and sound when your car is parked at home! Your customer will also be able to take advantage of cost savings with 2 free months of monitoring!  Use Promo Code “Guard20”.

Help your customers expand their protection from home to their vehicles. Tell them about Vivint Car Guard!


*Minimum package required and must install by October 10th, 2020.