There will always be traffic on the “road to success.” Sometimes even pot holes and fender benders. While it can’t all be avoided, with focus, determination and hard work you can learn to maneuver through the obstacles; and if you follow a path previously traveled, you may reach your destination with fewer complications.

At ACN, part of reaching your destination is developing the skills that will enable you to become proficient at acquiring customers. Consequently, being coachable and trusting of your leaders is one of the key aspects to mastering this objective. After all, as Independent Business Owners, the goal is to acquire customers or you don’t get paid. As such, you’re going to interact with people with whom you’ve had previous dealings and those that you’ve met for the first time. In every interaction, it’s important that you conduct yourself in an ethical and professional manner. To the customer, you are ACN.

With that said, let’s jump right into how to properly acquire a customer. Before the customer accesses your website, your introduction is important. We’ve listed some note-worthy points below, which you should keep in mind when offering ACN services:

  • Present yourself properly as an ACN Independent Business Owner (IBO) and not as an employee of ACN, Inc. or any of our vendors.
  • Be sure to always create a pressure free environment for the customer when discussing ACN services.
  • Don’t over promise and No guarantees of savings.
  • Provide the customer with an overview of the service they are interested in and always be sure to use verbiage that ACN has provided to promote the service. By using the same message as ACN, you can’t go wrong!
  • Allow the customer to view the details of their service choice on the applicable website. This helps to ensure the customer is fully aware of their selection and which service best fits their needs.
  • Prior to the order submission, do some diligence to determine if the individual ordering service has the necessary authorization to place the order and is at least eighteen (18) years of age. You can do this by verifying information against the customer’s actual bill.

Now the customer is ready to submit the order!

Reminder: Please remind your customers that the contact information on their account needs to be accurate should ACN need to contact them for any reason. Only spouses may share contact information. And your information should never appear on their account.

Canadian Energy Service Reminder

IBOs may not be in the room with the customer when the customer submits their order.

Customer and IBO on Telephone or in Person

Provide the customer with your ACN website and offer guided assistance throughout the order, if necessary. Encourage the customer to take their time through the order process and to fully review the details of their service and terms & conditions. Should a customer request your assistance with typing an order (lack of computer skills, senior citizen, not near a computer, tired, busy, etc.), please don’t. IBO’s may not enter an order on a customer’s behalf. Period. The customer must enter the order on his/her own voilition. This condition guarantees that the customer reviews the terms and conditions for service, which in turn assists ACN should the customer file a future complaint regarding the service and/or termination of same.

Taking these steps when offering ACN services can help to establish trust between you and your customer, which can equal customer retention. Annnnd … as long as the customer remains on the service and pays their bills, you get paid. Customer à Service à Pay bills à You get Paid! It’s a win-win.

Pro Tip: Work with Integrity! Rome wasn’t built in a day and your business won’t be either. True leaders have integrity. It’s what gives them credibility and inevitably it’s the reason people trust them. True leaders lead by example.


“What you do is critical. Be honest. Tell people the way it is.”
– Greg Provenzano, Charlotte International Convention 2017


“Honesty is a thousand times more motivating than hype.”
– Tony Cupisz, Charlotte International Convention 2017