As a continuation of our commitment to make the transition from Flash Purple to other networks as smooth as possible for both IBOs and your customers we have taken some additional steps to assist with the migration of Purple customers to Flash Yellow or Green.

  1. The Flash Wireless Customer Care team has begun to proactively contact Flash Purple customers to assist them with the transfer process to Flash Green or Yellow.
  2. To make the transition easier, Flash Purple customers that choose to transfer their phone number to Flash Green or Yellow will receive a FREE SIM card, waived activation and great offers on new multi-network phones.
  3. Beginning on November 20th, existing Flash Purple customers can contact Customer Care 1-888-226-2141 to take advantage of some special offers designed to assist them with the transition to a new Flash Plan. The offers are specific to their current plan as well as which network they switch to, but will include:
  • Ability to upgrade to an unlimited plan for their same price for a period of time
  • Savings on new devices ranging from $50 to $80 – depending on network, device and plan.
  • Additionally, Flash is offering additional savings on devices for customers who switch to Flash Yellow. There is a free device option as well as one for $9. All come with a free Flash Yellow Yellow SIM, waived activation and the customer only pays taxes and shipping.   
  1. Please visit our FAQs for all of your questions relating to the Flash Purple transition.

Starting on 11/20, customers can call Customer Care at 1-888-226-2141 to take advantage of the following limited time offers.