DISH is committed to supporting our Retailers and customers affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The destruction and impact of these storms was unimaginable, and we know that recovery has not been easy. With basic services largely unavailable and a majority of customers unable to receive service, DISH has announced a plan to assist and offer a temporary solution.

Beginning October 9, 2017, DISH will begin proactively placing customer accounts in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands on DISH Pause. This ensures customers will not be charged for TV service that they cannot receive while recovery efforts are ongoing. As the local DISH storefront of your community, you may receive some questions from a customer who was notified they’re being placed on DISH Pause.

The following talking points should help you with the most common scenarios if you are contacted by an existing DISH customer:

  • DISH is temporarily pausing your TV service starting on October 9, 2017, to guarantee that no charges are generated for DISH service while you wait for power to be restored.
  • If your account is signed up for AutoPay, no further charges will be made while the account is on pause.
  • If you suffered any damages to your equipment or antenna, there will be no cost for installation or replacement.
  • If you are currently receiving DISH service and do not want to have your service placed on pause, please contact
  • DISH at 1-888-213-5727 or send an email with your account number to

Many Retailers have been assisting customers with antenna repoints/replacements and the replacement of receivers that were potentially damaged in the storms. Please follow the following steps to help the customer get restarted with DISH and ensure you receive the appropriate Incentives and equipment replacement:

  • Antenna repoints or replacements must be submitted via an Assistance Request to receive reimbursement. Use the category General Questions and subcategory Business Rules. A separate Assistance Request must be submitted for each account you service.
  • Damaged receivers should be replaced via an advanced exchange return authorization. While processing the return, the reason should be selected as ‘Act of Nature’. Receivers with water damage should be wrapped in a bag or waterproof container prior to being packaged for shipping.
  • If the customer is on pause and is ready to resume their service, you may assist them by calling DISH at 1-888-213-5727 with the customer or advise them to send an email with their account number to

DISH is not dependent upon the limited infrastructure of cable or fiber service, and you will likely be contacted by customers looking for a new, readily-available video solution. For situations involving a customer who is new to DISH, please follow the standard new customer sales flow in Axiom.

We realize placing customers on DISH Pause affects you and are actively working on ways to mitigate the impact to your DISH business. Stay tuned for additional details and notifications as these impacts are addressed and solutions are discussed. Please contact your DISH Account Manager with any immediate questions or concerns in the meantime.

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