Enhanced Value for Customers and More Points for You

ACN is offering new ways for IBOs to earn more points while giving customers more value and peace of mind.

For a limited time, when you sell an IDSeal Platinum or Platinum Plus Annual Plan or your customer upgrades from a Monthly Plan to an Annual Plan, you’ll earn 8 points.

Plus, for every customer you already have on the Annual Plan, your point values will immediately increase to 8 points!

Customers can upgrade to the IDSeal Annual Plan by selecting the “Upgrade” link on the bottom of the ACN.IDSeal.com page. They can also simply visit https://acn.idseal.com/upgrade-email/ or chat with an Identity Care Specialist, M-F, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. ET to upgrade.

This offer is a reflection of the value ACN has for the Annual Plan. We believe IDSeal offers the best comprehensive protection for your customers and their families

Promote IDSeal’s most cost-effective and time-saving plan to your customers so they can have the added convenience of annual renewal and get two months free when they pay ahead on an Annual Plan.