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RescueLock Makes a Difference, 5 Saved Lives in 2019!

RescueLock Customers Helped Contribute over $109,000 in 2019 to PetSmart Charities®! […]

XOOM Xtras Now Available in the U.S and Canada!

With XOOM Energy’s interactive rewards program, you can earn points and redeem them for gift cards, merchandise and much more! […]

XOOM Energy Accreditation News

XOOM Energy is excited to announce that our Accreditation Training is now more streamlined and easier to use – creating a more efficient and effective training experience for IBOs. […]

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Before Acquiring XOOM Customers
Before IBOs can acquire XOOM Energy customers they must complete the XOOM training in the ACN IBO Back Office and complete the XOOM Accreditation Process. You only have to successfully complete the XOOM Accreditation Process one time for all of the XOOM markets.

NOTE: IBOs that wish to sell energy to customers in New York state,Ohio , Delaware and Rhode Island are required to have a XOOM Energy Badge.

To print your NY,OH, DE or RI badge or to complete the XOOM Accreditation Process please visit the XOOM Energy training portal.

Small & Big Business Overview Flyer (Gas & Electricity) – PDF

XOOM Energy Big Business Program (Gas & Electricity) – PDF

Targeting the Right Big Business Customer (Gas & Electricity) – PDF

XOOM Energy Business MatrixView Here

Must be business account. For XOOM Energy markets, small business accounts will have commodity spend of less than $25,000 per year. Big Business accounts will have commodity spend of $25,000 – $500,000 per year.

How to Order
Customers enter orders online through the ACN Online Direct Store.

Variable and fixed.

Order is placed through ACN Online Direct Store. Credit is automatically checked. If OK, customer is enrolled and receives confirmation; if not, options are explained on the site.

Before acquiring customers for Natural Gas, Electricity, or Solar Energy, Independent Business Owners are required to complete Energy training and have a thorough understanding of the products and services offered to customers. Complete your training and accreditation now by learning everything you need to know about XOOM Energy in their user-friendly Training Portal.

XOOM Energy Training Portal – USA & Canada

XOOM Energy Training by COC and SVP Michael An – Charlotte 2017 – PDF

XOOM Energy Training by COC and SVP Michael An – Charlotte 2017 – PPT

XOOM Energy Training by COC and SVP Michael An – Charlotte 2017 – Keynote

XOOM Energy Commercial Breakout Training Presentation – Detroit 2019