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Before Acquiring XOOM Customers
Before IBOs can acquire XOOM Energy customers they must complete the XOOM training in the ACN IBO Back Office and complete the XOOM Accreditation Process. You only have to successfully complete the XOOM Accreditation Process one time for all of the XOOM markets.

NOTE: IBOs that wish to sell energy to customers in New York state,Ohio and Rhode Island are required to have a XOOM Energy Badge.

To print your NY,OH or RI badge or to complete the XOOM Accreditation Process please visit the XOOM Energy training portal.

XOOM Energy Multi-Location Enrollment (MLE)

5 or more locations owned by the same entity (business or residential). Must include 1 most recent utility invoice copy for each account.
How to Order
Get form from ACN IBO Back Office. Have customer complete, sign and fax back with required documentation.
Variable and fixed.
Enrollment form is received at ACN. Form forwarded to XOOM for processing. XOOM checks credit, enters orders and enrolls customer for all locations.

Market Multiple Locations Form
Small & Big Business Overview Flyer (Gas & Electricity) – PDF
XOOM Energy Big Business Eligibility

The Big Business Lead Pass Form should only be used for businesses with an annual commodity spend of $25,000 – $500,000.

How to Submit a Lead:

  • Print and complete the Big Business Lead Pass Form that corresponds to the state in which the business is located. All information must be filled out in its entirety and must be legible and accurate, including the business customer’s utility account information
  • Complete Customer Information Form
    • All contact information must be provided
    • IBO Information is provided and complete
    • Under Contract? Please have the customer confirm if they are under contract and provide the contract terms and end date.
  • Complete the Letter of Authorization (LOA) (IN, KY, MI, and VA markets do not apply)
    • You must complete a separate LOA for each legal entity(s) you enroll
    • Complete the Personal Information Section
    • List the accounts for which a quote is requested
    • Print Name
    • Sign and Date
  • Provide Invoice Copies
    • Please provide a complete copy of the most recent invoice showing usage for each account you will be requesting a quote for.
    • For IN, KY, MI and VA only – Please provide either 12-months of invoice copies or more most recent invoice copy if it contains a listing or legible graph of 12 months of usage for each account.
  • The form must be faxed to 866.452.0053 or emailed to bbpenergylead@acninc.com

After a Lead is Submitted:

  • XOOM Energy will evaluate the opportunity, contact the potential customer and develop an energy proposal designed specifically for their needs.
  • IBOs will be updated with the status of submitted leads via email throughout the process.
  • Customers will not appear on your PCL until they have returned a signed contract for service and complete their enrollment.
Market Lead Pass Form
Current Markets Printable Flyer (Gas & Electricity) – PDF

XOOM Energy Business MatrixView Here

Must be business account. For XOOM Energy markets, small business accounts will have commodity spend of less than $25,000 per year. Big Business accounts will have commodity spend of $25,000 – $500,000 per year.

How to Order
Customers enter orders online through the ACN Online Direct Store.

Variable and fixed.

Order is placed through ACN Online Direct Store. Credit is automatically checked. If OK, customer is enrolled and receives confirmation; if not, options are explained on the site.