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Accreditation Required When Acquiring XOOM Solar Customers

Beginning October 1, 2015, prior to acquiring Solar customers, all IBOs must review the XOOM Solar training on ACN Compass and complete the XOOM Solar Accreditation Process. IBOs are required to attain a minimum score of 80% on the XOOM Solar Accreditation Questionnaire. Once you successfully complete the Accreditation Questionnaire, you will be approved to market XOOM Solar in all XOOM Solar markets.

Steps to Complete the Solar Accreditation Process:

STEP 1: Review the updated XOOM Solar training in the Product Training Section on ACN Compass.
STEP 2: Access the Accreditation site by visiting the Energy page on ACN Compass or by going directly here.
STEP 3: Enter your Business ID.
STEP 4: Complete the XOOM Solar Accreditation Questionnaire.
STEP 5: A confirmation message will be displayed immediately after completion of the Questionnaire. If you are unsuccessful, the Questionnaire can be taken at a later time.

Access Badging & Accreditation Here

Before Acquiring XOOM Customers
Before IBOs can acquire XOOM Energy customers they must complete the XOOM training available in the Product Training section on ACN Compass and complete the XOOM Accreditation Process. You only have to successfully complete the XOOM Accreditation Process one time for all of the XOOM markets.

NOTE: IBOs that wish to sell energy to customers in New York state, Ohio and Rhode Island are required to have a XOOM Energy Badge.

To print your NY,OH or RI badge or to complete the XOOM Accreditation Process please visit the XOOM Energy training portal.

Badging Deactivation Process
All XOOM Energy badge photos must follow the rules below. XOOM will periodically review photos and flag those not compliant with the rules, which could result in the IBO’s badge being disqualified.

Badge Picture Rules:

  • Photo should be a forward-facing, shoulder shot of the IBO
  • No sunglasses or hats should be worn in the photo
  • There should be no obstructions in front of the IBO’s face
  • Photo should be of just the IBO – no additional people in the photo

Badge Review Process:

  • XOOM Compliance will review and flag any photo not compliant with the rules.
  • An IBO will receive an email from XOOM and will have 5 days to update their photo.
  • Customers can still enroll while their badge is flagged.
  • If the IBO updates their badge with a new photo, the flag is automatically removed.
  • If no steps are taken after the fifth day, the badge will automatically be disqualified and an email will be sent to the IBO.
  • Once a badge is disqualified, an IBO cannot sign up Energy customers until a new, compliant photo is added.
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