Beginning Monday, May 4, you and your customers will notice a few changes to the XOOM Energy enrollment website.

All US States

Access Plans: In order to streamline the enrollment process, customers simply need to enter their zip code on the homepage to access plans available in their area.
Credit Checks: Customers in the markets listed below will need to go through a credit check process to see if a deposit is required. The deposit option before a credit check will no longer be available.
Credit Check Markets: California, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois (gas only), Maine, New Hampshire, Ohio (AEP Ohio, DP&L, First Energy), Pennsylvania (UGI), Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia (WGL)

Texas Only

Credit Checks: Customers will be required to enter their full social security number in order to perform the credit check. Texas customers may also enter their driver’s license number instead of a social security number. If a customer does not meet the credit requirements, they will be given the following options:

1) Pay Deposit – This can be paid during the enrollment process or after the enrollment is completed

2) Qualify for Customer Exceptions

  • 65 years of age or older, and not currently delinquent in payment of any electric service account
  •  Victim of family violence
  • Customer does not have an outstanding balance with their current provider
    (now available to all customers who do not meet credit requirements)

3) Request More Information – Customers have the option to request additional information available for deposit waiver options after their enrollment is completed.

Electronic Communication: Customers who wish to receive their notices (renewal notices, newsletters, etc.) electronically, simply need to opt-in during the enrollment process.

Small Business Customers: Demand and Non-Demand pricing will be stated on the website. Transmission and Distribution Utilities (TDU) set the non-demand and demand classifications of each meter. That classification is based on the peak amount of electricity used at any given point during the month. Customers can identify the demand of their meter by viewing their current bill or contacting their TDU.

Current XOOM Energy Texas customers will also see enhancements in the coming weeks! To see a full list of enhancements, click here: