Entrenamiento de Flash Wireless

Examina cada módulo en orden. Haz clic en el símbolo de ^ para abrir cada módulo.

Module A: Why Sell Flash - Benefits

This module contains 3 videos.

  1. Watch the videos in sequential order. (All 3 videos total 5 minutes.)
  2. Learn about the benefits for you and your customers.
  3. For the second video, download the outline to help you follow along and have all the information at-a-glance.
  4. Scroll down to view each video.


1 of 3: Why Sell Flash Wireless?

2 of 3: Benefits

Click here for: Outline: Benefits

3 of 3: Feeding America Partnership


Module B: Overview and Sell & Engage

This module contains 2 videos.

  1. Download the outline for each video to help you follow along and have all the information at-a-glance.
  2. Watch the Overview video. (3:28)
  3. Then watch the Sell & Engage video. (3:33)
  4. Scroll down to view each video.

1 of 2:  Overview of Flash Wireless

Click here for: Outline: Overview of Flash Wireless


2 of 2: Sell & Engage Your Customer

Click here for: Outline: Sell & Engage


Module C: The Customer Order Process

Go through each step in sequential order.
Download the outlines to help you follow along.

Step 4: Complete the Pre-Order Checklist

  1. Download/print the Pre-Order Checklist to follow along: Pre-Order Checklist
  2. Choose one of the steps below based on your customer's choices of network (Green or Yellow) and device (BYOD or Buy New).

Step 5: Customer Places the Order

Customer Places the Order Online or By Phone

Once your customer has completed the Pre-order Checklist, you can help your customer place the order:

Online: Download the outline and view the next video for instructions.
By Phone: Scroll down to view instructions.

Click here for: Outline: Order Online


To Order by Phone:

  1. Before your customer contacts Flash, be sure he/she has the Pre-Order Checklist filled out completely.
  2. The Flash Activation Representative on the phone cannot assist without that information, which means your customer will need to gather the information and call back at another time.
  3. An IBO can be with the customer on the phone, however, the customer must be present to place the actual order and provide his/her personal details and credit card information.
  4. Once ready, your customer can call the Flash Toll Free number and follow the Activation prompts.

Toll Free Number:

Phone Orders can be placed:
Mon-Fri:   10am - Midnight (U.S. Eastern Time)
Saturday: 10am - 10pm (U.S. Eastern Time)
Sunday:    Closed


Flash Green FAQs
Flash Yellow FAQs

Todos los bosquejos en un documento: Bosquejos: Todos los módulos

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