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Para tu hogar

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Presentación de los servicios residenciales – PPT | PDF | Keynote

Volante para clientes – Servicios esenciales para el hogar – PDF |PDF (Sin energía)

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Para tu negocio

Horario de ingreso de órdenes – PDF | Reglas para la eliminación de clientes – PDF | Formulario de pago automático de facturas – PDF

Programa de referencia para empresas grandes

XOOM Energy Big Business Eligibility

The Big Business Lead Pass Form should only be used for businesses with a monthly commodity consumption of $2,000 – $35,000.

How to Submit a Lead:

  • IBOs must use the Big Business Lead Pass Form to submit leads for business opportunities which meet the commodity consumption criteria.
  • All information must be filled out in its entirety and must be accurate, including the business customer’s utility account information
  • XOOM Energy’s Big Business process requires historical usage information to create a quote specific to the customer’s needs. There are two options for acquiring that information:
    Option A: Complete the Letter of Authorization, included in the Commercial Lead Pass Form
    Option B: Provide 12 months of previous invoices from the customer’s utility and provide to ACN/XOOM Energy. Previous invoices can be found online through the utility’s customer portal.
  • The form must be faxed to 866.452.0053

After a Lead is Submitted:

  • XOOM Energy will evaluate the opportunity, contact the potential customer and develop an energy proposal designed specifically for their needs.
  • IBOs will be updated with the status of submitted leads via email throughout the process.
  • Customers will appear on your PCL once they have signed up for service.
Formulario de referencia por Estado