Price drop alert: Flash Wireless Reduced Data Boost charges!

Starting Feb. 1, Flash Wireless  Data Boost rates are reduced! Data Boost allows a customer to keep streaming – even after they’ve exhausted the data allotment in their plan.

They’re charged a set price for 1GB of data to enjoy continuous streaming and surfing.

Get more data when you need it for just $7 per 1GB

For Flash Yellow: Applies to Talk & Text 3GB, Unlimited Single Line Plan, two-line, three-line or four-line Unlimited Family plans, for new and existing customers.

For Flash Green: Applies to Talk & Text 3GB, Talk & Text 6GB plans for new and existing customers.


*If you select a plan with a data limit, once your data limit is reached, and Data Boost is enabled, additional 1GB increments of high speed data will be added to your account at the rate listed within your plan description. Both new and existing customers are eligible when data boost is added after 2/1/2020.