New Customers: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) 

  • Any GSM device is compatible (AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket, Metro PCS)
  • You simply insert your Flash Wireless SIM Card into your phone:
  • Have a Flash Wireless SIM? Just insert it and go! OR SIM Cards are available during BYOD Process

Ensure that Your Device is Compatible and UNLOCKED

  • When signing up online, the device approval tool will check device for network compatibility
  • NOTE: The Device Approval Tool will not check  if your device is unlocked
  • WARNING: If your device is locked, it will fail activation following the completion of your order payment
  • Make sure you verify the device is unlocked prior to activating service

How Do You Know if Your Device is Locked?

  • Simply insert your SIM Card and your device will tell you if it’s locked and who the carrier is
  • Or, call the service provider associated with that device

How Do You Unlock Your Device

  • Call your current service provider and ask them to unlock the device. as long as all contractual obligations have been met, they should unlock the device
  • be prepared for a “customer retention” response