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Everything You Need To Know About Flash Wireless 4G

On America’s Largest, Most Reliable Network

Benefits of Flash Wireless 4G

  • 4G provides substantially faster data speeds than current 3G network speeds.
  • The device selection will expand to include the latest technology available.
  • Changing a device or swapping a phone on your line of service is as simple as inserting a Flash Wireless SIM Card into the new phone – no need to log on to your account or call to complete the swap.

Flash Wireless 4G Options

    • Current active Flash Wireless devices are not 4G capable, and customers will require a new device.
      • Buy from the wide selection of 4G devices through Flash Wireless on your Storefronts
        • Your purchased device will include a Flash Wireless 4G SIM Card at no charge
        • Once your device is received, power on the device to complete activation
      • Bring Your Own 4G Device:
        • Flash Wireless only accepts devices that are non-active through Verizon directly
        • Active and not in contract devices will be accepted but must activate and remain on the Flash 4G $64 or $79 single line plan or the $115 Family Plan.
      • Flash Wireless 4G requires the use of a Flash Wireless SIM Card.
        • The ability to purchase a SIM Card will be available through the Device Approval Tool on flashwireless.com
        • Once you place your SIM Card order, instructions will be provided to complete the activation process
      • Flash Wireless will offer single line and family plans for 4G service
        • $29 – Unlimited Talk and Text
        • $39 – Unlimited Talk, Test and 500MB Data
        • $64 – Unlimited Talk, Text and 3GB Data
        • $79 – Unlimited Talk, Text and 6GB Data
        • Family Plan – Unlimited Talk, Text and 12GB Sharable Data (max 4 lines)
          • $100 – Primary Line
          • $15 – Each additional line (max 3)

Flash Wireless FAQs

If I am a current Flash Wireless customer, can I keep my existing rate plan?

  • If you would like to upgrade your service to 4G, a rate plan change will be required to one of the new Flash Wireless plans.
  • Current users with 3G devices that do not want to upgrade to 4G may remain on their current plan.

How can I bring my 4G device to Flash Wireless that is currently under contract or enrolled in an equipment installment plan with my provider?

  • You would need to buy out your current contract or equipment installment agreement to make the device eligible for Flash Wireless 4G. Your current provider can determine the amount necessary. By doing this, your device is considered active with another provider and will be restricted to the Flash Wireless $64 single line Plan or the $79 single line Plan or the $115 Family Plan.
  • If you would like to utilize this device on any other plan, you would need to disconnect service with your current provider. Caution – This will cause you to lose your current phone number and a new number will be provided by Flash Wireless.

How much will it cost to change my rate plan to a Flash Wireless 4G plan from a current 3G plan?

  • It is best to complete this change on your bill date.
  • If you complete the change at any other point in your bill cycle, you will be charged a pro-rated amount for the new rate plan.
  • A credit for the unused portion of your old plan will be placed on your account within 24 hours of your plan change.

Can I use Mobile Hotspot with 4G?

  • At this time, Flash Wireless Mobile Hotspot is only available on 3G devices with the mobile hotspot feature added to the account.
  • If you upgrade to Flash Wireless 4G services, the Mobile Hotspot feature will be removed, and you will no longer be billed or have access to the service.

Are the Flash Wireless 4G rates promotional rates that may increase?

  • No, we have designed great value plans that will be the standard ongoing rate.
  • In the future, Flash Wireless may introduce additional rate plans that you will have the option to switch to or remain on your current plan.

Now that Flash Wireless 4G uses SIM Cards, can I use this for international roaming?

  • Our current International Roaming access has not changed. The 4G device with a SIM Card will not enable additional roaming services.
  • Visit the International Flash Wireless Services Guide in the Tools and Resources section on your storefronts for availability and pricing.