Are you looking for a new way to focus your business in 2020? Become a specialist in a vertical market.

Merchant services, or payment processing, is an extremely common service! But, every industry is a little different and it helps to gain experience with what matters most to their business.

What types of business are the best ones to approach?

Here are 4 examples of great vertical opportunities in YOUR community: 

  1. Local restaurants
  2. Service providers like dry cleaners and nail/hair salons 
  3. Medical Offices, such as doctor offices, dentists and veterinarians
  4. Private Education & Child Care Facilities – Child care centers, Montessori schools,and tutoring centers

In the education and childcare vertical, parents are often making monthly payments, purchasing meal plans, and/or buying tickets to events. These businesses are a great fit for online and mobile payments. When you understand the vertical, it’s easy to have a conversation! And, gain a customer!