Every once in a while, a prospect might have an objection. Don’t let that slow you down. Here are a few easy ways to handle common rejections. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be.

“I don’t want to give you a statement”

  • Encourage the merchant by reminding them that you need the statement to make a custom comparison. This is the only way to see true cost-savings and it qualifies them for the Meet or Beat Opportunity.
  • Present it as a free check-up. Most merchants don’t know how to read their statement. Sphere will walk them through their current statement while presenting their new savings. That will result in 1 of 2 scenarios. The merchant will feel confident that they are being priced fairly and should stay with their current processor OR they will realize they are paying too much and should consider making the switch!
  • Remember: Statements are preferred but not required. Send us your lead regardless.


“Tell Me the Rate”

  • There isn’t just one rate, and rates from card brands change throughout the year.
  • Confidently tell the merchant that on average, Sphere finds 15-20% cost-savings.
  • Remind the merchant that Sphere also has a Meet or Beat Opportunity. If Sphere can’t meet or beat their current pricing, they will receive $250. It’s a WIN/WIN.


“My cancellation fees with my current processor will be expensive”

  • The cost savings identified in Sphere’s custom analysis can be enough to justify a cancellation fee.
  • The side by side cost comparison will tell the merchant how much they will save with Sphere. It could cover the cost of the cancellation fee and more.


The Sphere team is available to answer questions and help you grow! Reach out anytime. We are available via Click2Chat or at 1-855-426-6842.