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IDSeal Points Promotion!

Earn 4 points for every IDSeal monthly plan customer acquired in January!
Earn 8 points for every IDSeal annual plan customer acquired in January!


Upgrading Your Existing IDSeal Account Just Got Easier

Upgrading your existing IDSeal Account to the Annual plan just got a whole lot easier! […]

You Won’t Believe the November IDSeal Bonuses!

IDSeal is the talk of the town! With the new IDSeal enhancements announced earlier this month, including the launch of IDSeal Business Direct and the IDSeal annual plan, you’ve got SO many opportunities to build your business and keep your momentum going toward your end-of-year goals. […]

IDSeal Annual Plans Now Available! 

Do you Have Existing IDSeal Customers?

Talk to your IDSeal customers today about upgrading to an Annual Plan where they can get a full 12 months of Identity Theft Protection for the price of 10! It’s simple to upgrade, just head over to to chat with an IDSeal agent or call customer service at 888-325-5865.