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Social media is an ideal way to connect with your network and ACN recognizes that IBOs will be using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Instagram, and more – to reach out and share the ACN Business Opportunity with others. Through the use of social media, IBOs are able to support their businesses by building successful relationships with your team; piquing prospective IBOs about the opportunity, and sharing with them your enthusiasm for the exciting portfolio of products ACN offers to customers worldwide.

So, in this month of “spring forward,” we will focus on how to successfully promote ACN in Social Media. We’ll start by covering the various page options and features available on social media, and identify limitations for each!

  • Personal page

Sharing information about the opportunity and our services is permitted on personal pages.

  • Business Page (i.e. local, company, community, etc.)

If you prefer to keep your personal and business separate, creating a business page to promote the ACN opportunity and our services is permitted.

  • Group Pages

Group pages are only allowed if created for your team. A team page is a great way to connect with your organization through social media. (Ex: Team Matrix ACN IBOs) However, creating group pages for customer acquisition is not permitted.

  • Buy and Sell Groups

IBO are permitted to post in buy and sell groups that have similar interest. IBO’s should not target groups, or their members, that have unrelated interest. Moreover, tagging or posting to buy and sell groups that have a conflicting purpose or objective is not allowed. As an example, buy and sell groups that are specifically created for customers who are looking for guaranteed savings on services and/or products would not be an acceptable group in which to market ACN services.

  • Facebook/Sponsor Advertisements

Paid ads are not permitted for customer acquisition. This would be considered a form of mass marketing.

Now that we’ve covered the different types of pages and the features that are acceptable, let’s discuss social media standards!

To ensure you optimize your social media efforts and adhere to the ACN Policies & Procedures and the Marketing & Advertising Policies, we have developed Social Media Standards. These standards are an extension of the ACN Policies & Procedures, and are intended to assist IBOs when communicating the excitement and potential of the ACN Business Opportunity via social media.

  1. If you are using your social media sites to promote ACN products, services or the opportunity, you must clearly identify yourself as an ACN Independent Business Owner (IBO), along with your given name on the home page. For example, Tom Smith, ACN Independent Business Owner.
  2. Only ACN and its wholly owned subsidiaries are authorized to use ACN logos, names, trademarks, copyrights and other proprietary information. For clarification, ACN IBOs may not use or register any of ACN’s marks, product names, subsidiary names or products for any social media page names, or any other online alias. Nor may an ACN IBO create social media page names, or any other aliases that may cause confusion in that they cause individuals to believe that the communication is from, or is the property of ACN. This information also applies for ACN’s partners.
    • Examples of page names that are not permitted: Flash Wireless, ACN official/communication/company/etc., Dish, Anovia, Project Feeding Kids, Strive for 5, Xoom Energy, etc.
  3. Your profile or cover photo should not include images or graphics from ACN websites. The ACN Independent Business Owner logo is recommended and encouraged, which you can find in the IBO Back Office.
  4. ACN content (videos, images, logos, etc.) must be shared/linked directly from ACN’s websites or social media account(s).
  5. Employment claims are not allowed. This is especially important on LinkedIn, which is a job related social media site.
    1. Not allowed: Works at ACN, Owner at ACN, Executive Team Leader at ACN, RVP (SVP) at ACN, or Team Trainer at ACN.
    2. Allowed: Executive Team Leader/ACN IBO, Regional Director/ACN Independent Business Owner, Entrepreneurs at ACN, or simply Entrepreneur.
  6. All posts containing business and product claims must be accurate and substantiated. It is a mandatory requirement that IBOs share only business and product information supplied by ACN on social media.
  7. Do not post specific plans, rates or pricing (as pricing/plans may vary for each customer or geographical location of service). Customer should always be referred directly to ACN websites for current rates.
  8. It is the sole responsibility of each ACN IBO to ensure their online material fully complies with ACN’s Policies & Procedures, as well as with all applicable Federal and State rules and regulations.

In conclusion, we’ve included social media Do’s and Don’ts listed below:

Social Media DO’s

  • Create an individual social media profile.
  • Disclose your involvement with ACN clearly, along with your full name.
  • Like and follow official ACN pages.
  • Use ACN approved hashtags.
  • Market the ACN Business Opportunity, by sharing positive experiences about the ACN business and, like anything worth having, it takes hard work to reach the top.
  • Communicate with your team and customers as is appropriate.
  • Refer questions to the ACN website or contact the Business Ethics Department at
  • Abide by ACN’s Policies & Procedures. If you have a question, ask.
  • Share videos, announcements and product/service information directly from ACN’s Corporate Social Media page.

Social Media DON’Ts

  • Do not claim that the ACN Opportunity is easy or simple.
  • Do not use ACN trademarks, trade names, product logos, images, names or branding on your social media pages.
  • Do not make earnings claims or income guarantees when marketing the ACN Business Opportunity. This includes lavish lifestyle claims that imply wealth.
  • Do not make product claims that are unsubstantiated, false or misleading, whether express or implied.
  • Do not use a mass marketing method via social media.
  • Do not create fake ACN or product brand identities. When naming your page or group, you are not allowed to use ACN trademarks. Always use your full name or business name and identify yourself as an Independent Business Owner.
  • Do not spam or broadcast using social media.
  • Do not upload or share videos that are not authorized by ACN. Personal marketing materials that have not been reviewed and approved by ACN are not permitted.

Integrity through your social media sites is important. Don’t overstate the potential. Remaining mindful of truth in advertising requirements goes a long way to set proper expectations. The ACN opportunity and the ACN products are remarkable. There is no need to exaggerate. Keep it real.

If you have any questions about this or any of our policies, please contact the Business Ethics Department at We are here to help you.

Pro-Tip: Remember ACN IBO’s are not permitted to type orders on behalf of new IBOs or Customers, for any reason.