Maximize your Flash Wireless data with Data Boost!

Did you know: If you’re on a limited data plan, once you use up your data, you’ll get an additional 1GB of high speed data – if Data Boost is enabled? 

Data will be added in 1GB increments at the rate quoted in your plan description! 

New customers will have the option to enable or disable Data Boost when they enroll. 

Existing customers can enable or disable Data Boost through their My Account portal. Here’s how to do it:

Enabling or disabling Data Boost

It’s a life-saver for those months you use up your data. It’s perfect for those times you’re:

  • On a trip, planning and mapping on the road
  • Streaming movies and music during the holidays
  • Catching your team’s playoff run on the go!

Don’t get left without data at the wrong time – enable Data Boost today.


*Limited Plans: If you select a plan with a data limit, once your data limit is reached, and Data Boost is enabled, additional 1GB increments of high speed data will be added to your account at the rate listed within your plan description.