Order Helper & Training Slides – Now Available

Order Helper Tool

ACN customers love Flash Wireless service for the speed and simplicity our Flash Plans provide. Now, thanks to a newly created Order Tool, becoming a Flash customer is just as fast and seamless as the service itself.

What the Flash Wireless Order Tool Does for You

As all experienced IBOs know, the order process is fast and simple when new customers have all their information ready before placing the order. The Flash Order Tool helps you ensure that your customers are really ready to begin the Flash Wireless order process!

How You’ll Use It

The first part of the Order Tool was designed for you, the IBO, and will help you prepare your customers for the order process by ensuring they have the 5 must-haves on hand for a successful Flash Wireless order. Additionally, it comes complete with pro tips for preventing data loss and helping customers easily transfer their content to a new phone.

The second page is designed as a guide for the customers to utilize before and after the order process:

Steps 1-3 should be completed prior to going online to place their order:

  •  General Information
  • Bring your own device (BYOD) Steps
  • Transferring a number to Flash


Steps 4 and 5 should be completed after placing the order:

  • Order checklist  – new phone number if applicable, plan selected, place a test call, connect to Wi-Fi, download the Flash App, etc.
  • Smartphone Setup


Why You and Your Team Need It!

Simply put, this tool helps ensure the most professional, seamless, customer-satisfying order experience possible.

New Flash Training Slides

Utilize the new Flash Wireless slides during all your weekly meetings and trainings to:

  • Communicate the value of Flash Wireless
  • Show how IBOs can use Flash to qualify for ETT, ETL and how to get Free Flash Wireless Service
  • Review and train on the new Order Helper Tool
  • Promote the incredible Pro 50 Plan on the Flash Wireless Yellow network. Take advantage now and get 4 Customer Points – both the plan and the points are for a limited time only!


Both new Flash Wireless tools are available for immediate download here.