Monthly Update – November

The holiday season is fast approaching and it’s such an enjoyable time of year! For many families, the holidays can also account for extra spending, so it’s not uncommon for people to look for ways to trim some of their household expenses. As an ACN IBO, you have a great opportunity, at a peak time, to offer one of our most popular customer promotions, Strive for 5!

We encourage you to offer this promotion to anyone who you feel may benefit. While doing so, always be mindful to avoid “free claims” without advising of the conditions surrounding the offer. The best way to avoid using unqualified “free claims” is to provide accurate and detailed information when offering the Strive for 5 services. Any promotion of ACN’s service(s) that may imply that a customer will obtain free service without meeting specific requirements, or that the service will be completely free, is not permitted.

Here are just a few examples of Do’s and Don’ts:

➢ Sign up for Strive for 5 and your service can be free*
➢ When you refer 5 people who sign up for the same service, you can receive your same service free* and feed a child in need!
➢ Interested in free* services for your home? Ask me how.

*Excludes taxes and surcharges. Credit applied to Monthly Recurring Charge. Refer to Strive for 5 Terms and Conditions for complete details.

➢ Pay absolutely nothing when you sign up for ACN services!
➢ Never pay another bill, visit my website and sign up now!
➢ Eliminate your bills forever!

For more information about how to promote Strive for 5, please click HERE.


As a reminder to all IBOs, creating your own marketing materials is not permitted. Marketing materials are defined as any printed, broadcast or online communications including, but not limited to, advertisements, brochures, videotapes, audiotapes, flyers, banners, etc. ACN does permit promotion of a presentation meeting, event or piquing interest conversation. To ensure your promotions are compliant with our marketing guidelines, we encourage you to:

1. Share posts and/or videos directly from the ACN official social media page;
2. Refer to your Storefront/Back Office. Use the verbiage ACN provides to promote products and services.

By using these ACN provided materials, you can’t go wrong! But, if you are unsure, please ask.

Pro-Tip: Recruitment – the action of finding new people to join an organization or support a cause. Proper recruitment starts with you! One key step to getting and keeping great people is through integrity. No get rich quick schemes. No “easy” or “simple” claims. As COC and SVP Chanelle Burt said at the Philadelphia convention, “This business isn’t easy, but it’s worth the hard work.” Keep it real when promoting the ACN Opportunity.