Due to popular demand, we’re back! Thanks for your interest in these articles and taking the necessary steps to conduct your ACN business the right way. To start off, let’s talk Customer Acquisition. You may be thinking: “Hey, Business Ethics, you’ve already covered this topic.” And you’re right, we have, and we probably will again. It’s THAT important.

As an Independent Business Owner (IBO), your primary objective is to acquire customers. After all, customers are the heart of the ACN business. The more customers you acquire (who pay their bills month after month, year after year), the greater potential you have to earn residual income. But, you already knew that, right? Well, what you may not know is how to properly acquire customers. When you acquire customers properly, you establish a relationship built on trust. If customers trust you, the possibility that they will provide you with referrals increases.  Conducting yourself in an ethical and professional manner is key to retention and referrals.

Reminders when acquiring customers:

  • Utilize the “warm market” approach and foster customer loyalty, retention, and satisfaction
  • Present yourself appropriately. You are an ACN IBO, not an employee of ACN, or of any ACN Provider
  • Create a pressure-free environment when discussing any of the services offered by ACN
  • Do not make savings guarantees. Instead, talk about the competitive rates that ACN offers
  • Use the ACN Compass App and have your customers thoroughly review the service, the package options, and the associated rates/cancellation fees. Providing the details upfront helps to diminish disputes on the backend
  • All orders MUST be completed by the customer. IBOs are not permitted to complete an order on the customer’s behalf. Of course, IBOs may walk a customer through the order process, but when it comes to actually entering customer data or other pertinent information, it must be done by the customer; including hitting the submit button
  • IBO contact information should never appear on a customer’s account unless of course, it is your own account
  • Customers cannot be signed up using another IBO’s Business ID who did not personally acquire them – this is called stacking and is a violation of the Policies and Procedures. Don’t place a customer on another IBO’s Personal Customer List

The above is intended to assist you in your Customer Acquisition goals and to help you finish 2018 strong!

As always, if you have any questions about this or any of the Business Ethics policies, please contact the Business Ethics Department.