Monthly Update – October

October is all about change. Changing leaves, changing temperatures and sometimes changes within your personal or professional lives. The Business Ethics team wants to take an opportunity to discuss change and positivity. Change is about doing things differently, seeing things in a new way, adjusting to surprises, and adapting to new ideas with new twists. The Business Ethics Department encourages you to promote change with positive communication and uplifting, empowering and inspiring messages. Disparagement, or the act of speaking about someone or something in a negative or belittling way, only services to foster negativity and reduce integrity.  We encourage IBOs to turn away from conversations that criticize someone or something in a way that shows a lack of respect and turn towards motivation and innovation!


As a reminder to all IBOs, typing customer orders or putting in your own contact information on a customer profile is not permitted. When cases arise (and we have received many) if it is discovered that the IBO typed the order, we are unable to hold the customer accountable to the Terms and Conditions. Customers must sign up for services on their own volition. Your help in this regard is much appreciated. For more information on this policy please see ACN Policies & Procedures Section I.(B) Acquiring Customers and ACN’s Anti-Slamming Policy.

Pro Tip: Remember if you are aware of unethical activity, please report it. ACN can’t help address issues if we don’t know anything about them.