Wow! What a great time we had at the Cleveland International Training Event meeting some of our IBOs! It was such fun to interact over the “Wheel of Opportunity” training game, #ACN “photo booth,” light-hearted discussions and, of course, the candy! We appreciate you all for stopping by and learning a little bit more about Business Ethics and how to achieve some of your goals by doing things the right way.

Many of you mentioned the Ethical Compass articles and how much you enjoyed reading them since it provided information in a relatable, entertaining manner. We are happy to report that we will be bringing back the Ethical Compass in the months ahead.

But, for now, let’s talk winners. As those of you who visited us at the Business Ethics Booth know, there were prizes to win by playing the Wheel of Opportunity training game. Names of the IBOs who answered their questions correctly went into a drawing and on Sunday morning, the names were pulled.

Drumroll, please…

Top Five Winners

Grand Prize: Motorola G 5
Winner: Alma Hernandez, QTT


Prize: Women’s Sweatshirt
Winner: Chastity Leonard, ETL


Prize: ACN Umbrella
Winner: Pamela Barton Ballard, ETT


Prize: Men’s Shirt
Winner: Demarco Lucas, RD


Prize: ACN Water Bottle
Winner: Christine Barnes (John Barnes, ETT)


Some of our other winners were: Jonathan Dean, Dean Tarrolly, Vivienne Bartley, Juan Fernandez and Jonathan Trapp. Again, we enjoyed meeting each of you.

Next month we will be discussing the subject of Customer Acquisition, including the do’s and don’ts of customer enrollment.

Remember, if you have any questions about Business Ethics, the ACN policies or anything else related to compliance matters, please contact the Business Ethics Department at We are here to help you.

We look forward to seeing you in Long Beach!