This month we want to remind our IBO’s to utilize all available ACN resources as tools for success! ACN regularly posts and shares content to Compass and on our official social media sites to educate, inspire and guide our IBO’s toward success. Be sure to check out the latest ACN official documents and videos and share or link them to your personal social media sites.

6ba783fea4134c099a78015e5ae56a87Yes! There is a way to do it properly. We ask all IBOs to share and link rather than cutting and pasting to your page. Why?

Often the items provided by ACN are modified to allow for updates; when you share or link the items, you can ensure that the information you are providing is always accurate and we can be sure it is, too. Sharing or linking official content protects you as an IBO since all ACN material adheres to industry guidelines, as well as our Policies & Procedures. Always remember to share and link!


A reminder to all IBOs who conduct meetings with 100+ attendees or in a room/location that can accommodate 100+ attendees. This would include (but is not limited to) outside areas and/or webinars on the Internet via any platform. Remember, the reason for this initiative is that ACN wants to ensure that the information shared with prospective and existing IBO’s is consistent with ACN’s vision and related guidelines. Please be sure to check out the Policy and Notification Form under the Video Recording Policy and Notification category. We’ve already received some videos and look forward to receiving yours!

Pro Tip: Remember to include social media friends and followers within your “warm market” category.