XOOM Energy offers ways to control your energy costs with several great fixed-rate plan choices and benefits for customers and IBOs in the New York market. AND New York customers NOW qualify for a $25 Walmart® e-gift card bonus! XOOM Energy’s fixed-rate plans provide customers with stability and peace of mind to protect against unexpected and costly price increases and provide greater control over the cost of energy.

When you’re talking to New York customers about their energy plan, remember to share XOOM Energy’s fixed-rate plan options:

RescueLock Plan: When helping animals is a passion, RescueLock is a great option. Lock in a fixed rate and help animals because 5% of the customer’s monthly energy charges will be donated to PetSmart Charities.

SimpleClean Plan: Carbon conscious, green energy, helping the environment is SimpleClean’s focus. Decrease carbon footprint with this plan that uses up to 50% renewable resources and locks in the energy rate for a fixed period.

SureLock Plan: SureLock helps customers budget throughout the year by locking in a price for a fixed period. It’s peace of mind so they know what to plan for.

Starting July 1, when your customers enroll in any qualifying residential electricity and/or natural gas plan with XOOM Energy in the US and Canada, they can receive a $25 Walmart® eGift Card after two consecutive months of service. And, customers who choose to sign up for both Gas and Electric services will receive an eGift Card for each qualifying service!

Keep your customers engaged and give them a reason to stay with XOOM Energy. Enroll your customers in XOOM Xtras, the loyalty program that rewards points for being a loyal XOOM Energy customer. Loyal customers can earn rewards including merchandise and gift cards from top name brands in dining, shopping, and movie theaters. And, XOOM Xtras members can participate in activities such as auctions, trivia, polling, and much more.

Make a Fast Start and LevelUP your business with the PowerUP program. And throughout July, quickly build your business with the special July Bonus Promotion. ​​​

Grow your business and build impressive momentum by sharing XOOM Energy. When you acquire 12 or more XOOM Energy residential Electricity or 12 or more Natural Gas customers, you’ll receive a BONUS equal to the average commodity-only charges of your customers’ bills!

Full eligibility rules and requirements, details of payout calculation, delivery, and more are available here!