What’s the best way to find long-term success? Doing things right, every time. Why? When you stick to the proven process, you can avoid headaches and extra work down the line. Be thorough in your practices and lean forward to your growth!

That being said – please make sure you and your team are following these guidelines: 

– Customers must place their own orders – be present with your customer during the order, to guide the process

– Acquire good, quality customers 

– Make sure your customer provides valid contact information, including an email address. If the customer does not have an email address, please have them check the box to indicate this.  

– Make sure completed orders are installing 

– IBOs are not yet authorized to sell Spectrum in Hawaii. If an order does happen to go through, it’s possible you may not earn credit for the sale!

And most importantly…

Follow the Marketing Rules

– IBOs cannot use the Spectrum logo on marketing materials, including social media. All marketing tactics used must be approved by Spectrum in advance.

– Soliciting subscriptions for Spectrum Services, directly or indirectly, via fax, email, direct mail, shared mail, social networking sites or applications, (or similar), text messaging or outbound telemarketing, either live or recorded is prohibited.

– Digital tactics including, but not limited to, keyword paid searches are prohibited

– Website URLs cannot contain the name Spectrum or Charter

Wondering where to get started on selling Spectrum? Be sure to check out the online training in the ACN Development Center and earn your Spectrum Superstar badge today!