It’s no secret that payment terminals are an essential part of a merchant’s business. They need the ability to take payments in an efficient, customer-friendly way.

Merchants are now considering new equipment that accommodates social distancing and adapts to new ways of doing business. For example, contactless transactions, where customers simply tap to pay, have increased 40% in the first quarter, due to the pandemic. Terminals that support this functionality are becoming popular.

In today’s challenging environment, we want to make processing equipment and future technology upgrade needs easy and hassle-free for merchants. That’s why we’ve developed the Platinum Program. Unlike others in the marketplace, Sphere’s unique program lets merchants choose their device(s) and pay a monthly recurring equipment charge.

Sphere Platinum – No more long term, third party contracts, or expensive upfront hardware costs.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Enroll in the Platinum Program.
  2. Choose a device and/or a bundle, based on business needs—from a simple mobile card reader to feature-rich, contactless smart terminals.
  3. On their statement, the merchant will see a one-time setup fee and a monthly recurring charge based on their device selection.

Benefits include:

  • No upfront hardware cost.
  • No expensive, four-year lease agreement with a third-party that locks you in the long term.
  • No-cost virtual terminal included for Platinum customers.
  • Ability to upgrade technology with ease upon merchant agreement renewal.
  • Easy device replacement. Sphere will swap the merchant’s device for another when required to keep them up and running.

And don’t forget – when you acquire a Sphere customer you are on your way to qualifying for a Monthly Customer Bonus! Earn up to 3 points and 1 service for each Sphere customer!

See ACN Compass for full details.