ACN is preparing for the upcoming launch of the ACN Compass App, as debuted in Charlotte last month. This app will serve as your guide to building and growing your business right in the palm of your hand. In order to take advantage of all ACN Compass has to offer, IBOs listed as the primary contact on the business must have a unique email address. Therefore, effective today, new IBOs who enroll will be required to include a unique email address. If the email is already in ACN’s system, the IBO will be prompted to enter a new one. This applies to the primary contact on the position only.

Existing IBOs who currently share an email address with another IBO, such as spouse or partner, can log into their IBO Back Office and access the Preferences section to update their email address.


The ACN Compass App is a first of its kind in our industry and this first phase will allow IBOs to:

  • Import contacts from their phone
  • Schedule new PBRs/BOMs and send invites and reminders
  • Share piquing content

Guests can also use the ACN Compass App and will allow them to:

  • Learn about the ACN Opportunity
  • Enroll as an IBO
  • Complete customer survey
  • Register for an event

ACN is revolutionizing the direct selling industry–we can’t wait to see what kind of impact the ACN Compass App will have on your business!


The Compass App is now available! Download the ACN Compass app here- iPhone | Android