DISH Network’s mission is to offer the best value in satellite TV with the highest quality programming and innovative technology.

When signing up a new DISH customer, keep these simple tips in mind for the best possible order experience:

Order By Phone

  • Call the ACN Sales Center: 800-222-5368 (USA) or 866-974-0491 (Puerto Rico)
  • Choose your language, then choose Option 2 for all sales to receive ACN credit
  • Make sure you provide the IBO Business ID# during the order process
  • The call should be placed from the customer’s phone, not the IBO’s phone
  • If the call originates from a phone number attached to an existing DISH account (even on a 3-way call), it will bypass the ACN Sales Center and neither ACN nor the IBO will receive credit for the order. Please ensure you call from a phone number not attached to an existing DISH account
  • If the agent is unaware of ACN or the term IBO Business ID# you may have been directed outside the ACN sales center. Please hang up and dial the dedicated ACN phone number again

Or Order Online

  • Take advantage of the new, user-friendly DISH Online Shopping Cart!
  • Visit your ACN Direct Storefront, select Television, and click Shop Now
  • Your ACN Business ID# is automatically carried over to the online order
  • Browse packages, equipment upgrades, monthly add-ons and more
  • Select your desired options and proceed with secure online checkout
  • During the checkout process, do not navigate from the shopping cart to other DISH websites
  • If additional verification is required during the order process, ONLY call the ACN DISH sales line 800-222-5368