Who is ACN

ACN is celebrating our 25th Anniversary in 2018! We are proud of where we have been and excited for the next 25 years! Even with an impressive 25 year track record, not everyone has heard of ACN, so from time to time you may have someone ask, “Who exactly is ACN?”

Have you been asked that question before? It probably came during a PBR–or maybe when you told a friend or family member about the new opportunity you are about to embark on.

We’ve made it easy for you to answer questions from people who aren’t familiar with ACN. The website–WhoisACN.com–answers all the burning questions people may have about ACN.

This mobile-friendly website contains:

  • A snapshot of all the numerous third party publications that have featured ACN over the years
  • ACN’s many global partners and affiliations
  • Over 100 marketing and industry awards ACN has won – and counting
  • The ACN Opportunity Video designed to give an overview of ACN
  • The “Is ACN A Pyramid Scheme?” Video designed to once and for all answer that question
  • Access to the Business Opportunity Overview and Presentation – to make sharing the ACN Opportunity with friends and family simple and accessible for the new person or prospect

It’s a great tool to use when speaking about ACN to others and your prospects can access this website right from their phones! Plus you can easily text, email, tweet or Facebook this link to the world!