As one year ends and another begins, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year – and what a year it has been for all of us at ACN! If your holiday season is anything like mine, it’s not only a wonderful time of year – but busy too! Which is why I believe it’s essential this time of year to step back and take inventory of where you are – and where you still want to go. In fact, the other Co-Founders and I have spent the back half of 2018 doing just that. Yes, this was ACN’s 25th Anniversary year. Yes, we celebrated and reflected all year long in each of our 26 countries around the world. Yes, we certainly accomplished a lot together in 2018. But no, that’s not all that anniversaries are about…at least not for us. At ACN, our anniversary was a milestone, yes, but more importantly, it was a stepping stone to even bigger and better things to come.

Most companies spend the final weeks and months wrapping things up for the year, or taking it down a notch. But that’s just not who we are! In fact, historically, the last quarter of the year is often our most exciting, and 2018 has been no exception as we kicked off what will be the most breakout and breakthrough time in our history hands down: ACN Next Gen. ACN Next Gen is about us making a commitment to you – a commitment to take this company above and beyond what you ever expected. But even more than that, at its very core, ACN Next Gen proves to each and every one of you that ACN is never done. We will never stop working to be better than we are today – we will never stop doing whatever it takes to provide you with the very best opportunity in the world for generations to come.

What about you and your commitments? It seems easy to commit to everyone else’s priorities – a job, a boss, your community, your friends. But what about yourself? Have you committed to yourself and your future? To doing whatever it takes to make this opportunity work for you and your family? It’s not too late, and it’s certainly never too early to get started…for you or anyone important to you. 2019 starts now! What you did or didn’t do in 2018 doesn’t matter. What you will do in 2019…that’s what matters. What commitments – no, what guarantees will you make to yourself and your future? What are your “non-negotiables” from this day forward? Write them down, hold yourself accountable and  2019 can and will be your biggest year yet – powered by ACN Next Gen!

On behalf of myself, the other Co-Founders and all of us at ACN, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

God Bless,

Greg Provenzano

ACN President and Co-Founder