XOOM Energy offers a wide variety of business rate and plan types, each designed to best address your customer’s needs.

Small Business customers currently represent the largest number of business accounts, and are defined as those that purchase less than $17,000 (commodity only) of gas or electricity on an annual basis. These customers can choose from a number of Fixed or Variable standard rate plans (depending on specific market) that are offered via your Storefront.

Larger energy customers expect better than standard web rates to win their business. The Big and Medium Business categories were created to provide those customers with the most aggressive rate proposal possible based on their actual usage volume, type of use, plan type, and length of term they select. These categories also reward you as the IBO with a higher number of Customer Points! (See the Compensation Plan for details.)

Businesses must meet a minimum usage threshold in order to qualify:

Medium Business – Annual purchase of $17,000 to $25,000 of gas or electricity. (Annual purchase calculation is based on the commodity portion of the bill only).

Big Business – Annual purchase (commodity only) of at least $25,000 of gas or electricity, to an upper threshold of approximately $500,000.

A customer with multiple businesses/accounts (even if they are under different business names, corporations, etc.) can aggregate their usage to meet the minimum thresholds as long as the customer has the legal authority to sign all the accounts under contract with XOOM Energy, and the legal responsibility for the account bills. Qualification for the program and the appropriate category is determined based on the customer’s actual historic usage.

Medium and Big Business customer accounts should be submitted via the Business Lead Pass Form which can be found in your Resource Library. Those forms include detailed instructions on how to complete and submit the forms, and what invoice documentation is required. You can also find additional instructions and information on form submission in the Resource Library.

To avoid delays or rejection of leads, please note the following items:

  • Do not send leads directly to XOOM Energy. Leads must be e-mailed to bbpenergylead@acninc.com or faxed to 866-452-0053 only in order to be credited to your IBO position. Improperly submitted leads will not be processed.
  • All fields must be filled in completely and entries must be legible
  • The Letter of Authorization (part of the lead form) must be filled out and signed by the customer
  • One current invoice (showing usage details) must be included for each account the customer wants included in the proposal.
  • There is a unique form for each state. If a customer has accounts in multiple states, one Big Business form must be completed for each appropriate state.
  • Utilities will not accept or release data with unsigned or incorrect forms.

Remember, proper lead submission ensures a quick proposal!