Would you like to know exactly how much you’ll spend on your electricity bills every month regardless of how much energy you consume? With XOOM Energy’s new Flat Rate Plan, SteadyLock 12, now customers in Ohio can!

With the SteadyLock 12 Plan, customers get unlimited electricity for one flat monthly price that starts as low as $29.99 for 12 months. Plus, their 12th month is FREE! No more guessing or worrying about your energy bill. The Flat Rate Plan is now available for new residential customers in Duke Energy Ohio.


STEP 1: Customer enrolls in the SteadyLock 12 Plan

STEP 2: XOOM will evaluate the customer’s annual historical usage provided by the local utility in order to determine which tier the customer account falls under. Each tier has a different priced flat monthly charge.

STEP 3: Once the enrollment has been accepted by the utility and the historical usage has been reviewed, the customer will receive a Welcome Email from XOOM Energy with the start date and flat monthly charge amount. The customer will receive this email notification within 7 days.

There is no better time to add XOOM Energy to your ACN business in Ohio! Use this exciting addition to our service offerings from XOOM Energy to reach out to all your potential customers. Then take it one step further and share with your friends and family how they too can get paid off the bills customers pay every month.