Are you ready to be rewarded?   By enrolling with XOOM Xtras you can begin earning rewards for just being a loyal XOOM Energy customer. XOOM Xtras provides Xtra members the opportunity to participate in fun activities, such as auctions, trivia, polling, and so much more! Rewards are awarded as Koiyn (points) that can be redeemed for auctions, and money saving goods and services – all for free!

How can you register for XOOM Xtras?

It’s easy to become a part of XOOM Xtras. To register:

1. Go to (Canada residents, visit

2. Enter your customer information

3. Join

4. Start earning!

What Rewards you can Earn?

Now for the exciting part: as a XOOM Xtras member, you can use your Koiyn (points) for merchandise and gift cards from top name brands in dining, shopping and movie theaters! You can also redeem your points for Club Program memberships.

XOOM Xtras saves you more with FREE savings.

Save money on every day purchases like going to dinner and movies or buying new tires.  Maybe you are planning a vacation?  Check out the extra travel savings when you register for XOOM Xtras!

XOOM Xtras is a loyalty reward program that offers you deals, discounts, and prizes.  Have you registered to start earning today?