Technology has leveraged the ease to which we are able to open and modify our banking accounts. Now, more than ever, it is important to be sure that you are aware of any changes that are being made to your accounts.  

It is common to have more than one financial account, so monitoring these accounts for changes, or even monitoring your credit profile at all, becomes a tedious task in addition to daily responsibilities.  Take the legwork out of keeping your accounts secure by subscribing to IDSeal Platinum. We’ll monitor your financial accounts for: 

  1. Bank account applications 
  2. Bank account opening 
  3. Bank account takeover  

Our advanced early warning network works to identify if new accounts are opened in your name or if changes are made to your bank accounts. Simply connect the accounts you wish to monitor leave the monitoring to us.  

IDSeal can help protect your financial accounts from the sophisticated cybercriminals of the world. Subscribe today! Give them nothing to steal, with IDSeal. 


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