AT&T All-Fi – A Next Generation Wi-Fi Experience 

New from AT&T Internet! Get the most-ample bandwidth for your family to run a multitude of devices at once! The new Hyper-Gig speeds offer a higher speed limit to share across a whole network of devices with no data cap or overage data. Enjoy the fastest speed in America with simple, easy-to-understand pricing.  

With AT&T Internet, get straightforward prices without surprises.  

  • No price increases at 12 months 
  • No hidden fees 
  • No contract 
  • Equipment fee included 
  • $5 Discount with paperless billing and auto bill pay 


How to Identify High Data Needs: 

  • Does anyone in the household hold frequent video conferencing?  
  • Do you have any virtual schooling from home? 
  • Are there any content creators in the home i.e., TikTok, YouTube, etc.? 
  • Do you have smart appliances, personal assistance, cameras, automation devices? 
  • Does anyone in your household participate in multi-player immersive gaming? 
  • Do you or anyone in the home have any wearable medical tracking devices or assist any telemedicine sessions? 
  • Multiple Smart TVs with concurrent streaming or personal fitness devices connected to the home network (Peloton, mirror, etc)?