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ACN Independent Business Owner Logos

Download ACN IBO Horizontal PNG Logo
Download ACN IBO Vertical PNG Logo

This logo needs to be included on any marketing or business documents that IBOs or teams create to describe the ACN Opportunity.

This logo may be:
– Used on personal websites to promote the ACN Opportunity
– Used on networking or social websites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
– Used in directory listings for the ACN Opportunity

This logo may NOT be:
– Used in any cold marketing practices for customer acquisition
– Altered or reused in any other way than what is made available

A person must be of the Age of Majority to sign legally binding agreements such as the Independent Business Owner Agreements. Therefore, it is important for Independent Business Owners to bear in mind the Age of Majority pertaining to the residence of any potential team member or customer.
The Age of Majority is 18 years old for all U.S. states and territories, except those listed below.

Alabama: 19
Mississippi: 21
Nebraska: 19
Puerto Rico: 21

A resident of any U.S. state or territory may become an Independent Business Owner. However, ACN does not offer all of its services in every area. ACN’s websites explicitly state which services are available in specific areas.

Some U.S. properties will extend the Age of Majority to include persons who meet the following criteria:

A person who is not yet of the Age of Majority, but is legally married
A person who is a member of the U.S. military
A person who is able to sign legally binding contracts due to a court order
A person who is not yet of the Age of Majority but has graduated high school
Check the laws pertaining to the U.S. area pertaining to a potential team member or customer who is younger than the Age of Majority but claims that he/she is able to make legally binding agreements.

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