The world’s most powerful DVR! 

Strike up a conversation with the Hopper 3 and discover a DVR that understands you, makes complicated things easy and reinvents the way you enjoy TV.

No more Switching Inputs

With built-in apps like Netflix, Prime, YouTube, Pandora, and more, never again will you need to change the television inputs to access all of your favorite programs. Simply select the Netflix app on the hopper’s menu screen and seamlessly transition for Dish programming to your Netflix account and back. It’s never been easier to get all of your favorite channels and Netflix on the same TV. 


With the Hopper 3, you can:

    • Watch and record up to 16 shows at one time, record up to 2,000 hours!
    • Skip Commercials with AutoHop from Dish
    • App Integration – Prime, Netflix, YouTube, and more! No need to switch inputs!
    • Remote Finder
    • Voice Remote with Google Assistant
    • Amazon Alexa Integration
    • Watch Anywhere – via Dish App all Live and Recorded TV


Dish + Amazon Prime Video

The Hopper 3 from Dish continues to lead the industry when it comes to technology. With the Hopper 3, you have access to Amazon Prime movies right from your TV. Just navigate to the Apps on the Hopper 3 and click on the Amazon Prime Video icon to access all of your favorite movies. No need to switch cables or inputs. The Hopper 3 makes it easy for anyone to get the great movies available on Amazon Prime Video!