New Software Release for macOS with Features That You Requested!

IDSeal Pro-Tec is now available as a desktop application for macOS devices. Now, Mac users will benefit from more features than were previously available through the browser extension. Current subscribers with available device licenses should download IDSeal Pro-Tec for your preferred macOS devices today!

With this new release, IDSeal subscribers can now utilize a more comprehensive suite of features across macOS devices! Instead of only 4 features, the new macOS version includes:

Install IDSeal Pro-Tec for macOS >>>

Follow this complete list of instructions on how to download IDSeal Pro-Tec for macOS. Once you have clicked the link on the page and downloaded IDSeal Pro-Tec for macOS, follow the 6 simple steps to begin using the software and get IDSeal’s state-of-the-art digital protection immediately.

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