Deep cleaning a house or car is pretty common, but when is the last time you deep cleaned your device for personally identifying information?

As you browse the internet, login credentials plus a record of what, where, and when you browse are constantly being stored on your device. This information is very valuable to a cybercriminal looking to steal your identity, and a compelling reason to deep clean your device.

With your login credentials, cybercriminals can gain access to your accounts, and with your browsing records and cookies, they can unveil additional avenues to steal from you. Combined, a criminal looking to steal from you has leverage to do it.

By subscribing to IDSeal Platinum with Pro-Tec, you’ll have access to a Browsing Tracks Scanner & Cleaner, one of fourteen features included in our device protection suite.

This feature allows you to deep clean your device by removing browsing records, cookies, and other items that track your browsing patterns. By doing this, you can help to minimize your credentials being stored and abused. The Browsing Tracks Scanner automatically blocks cookies that may be malicious or pose a risk to your privacy.

Keep your browsing activity and credentials safer when you subscribe to IDSeal. Visit us online to learn more:

*Not available on all devices. Please visit our website for a complete list of compatibility.